Welcome to Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 at Mary Exton Primary School.   We are really fortunate to have an extremely experienced teaching team in Year 6.  Mr Balchin teaches us Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning whilst Mrs Dennis teaches us on Thursday and Friday.  Mrs Culligan teaches us on Wednesday afternoons to allow our teachers to have their PPA time. 

On this page you will find important information that you may need throughout the year as well as being able to find an outline of the topics we are covering each term for every subject.  

Academically, the main focus in Year 6 is on getting the children ready for the national SATs, which this year take place between Tuesday 9th May 2023 – Friday 12th May 2023.  However, the SATs make up just a small part of what we do in Year 6 and the curriculum map below highlights the breadth and depth of our wider curriculum coverage.

Preparing our children for secondary school underpins everything we do here at Mary Exton in Year 6; we want our children to be as emotionally, socially, and academically ready for secondary school as is possible.  We therefore give the children lots of opportunities to develop their independence, resilience, team-working, and ability to work through issues.  To do this we bring in Mindfulness specialists, give the children jobs and additional responsibilities around the school and encourage them to take risks in their learning. 

Finally, we have our week long residential to look forward to in Year 6.  We are very excited about our trip to Lees Wood and the adventures we will be going on


Summer Term Curriculum Letter
Summer Term Curriculum Map
Autumn Term Curriculum Letter
Autumn Term Curriculum Overview
Autumn Term Homework
Spring Term Curriculum Letter
Spring Term Curriculum Overview
Spring Term Homework

The websites listed below may be useful in supporting your learning this year: