Year 6

Here you will find important information that you may need throughout the year: email addresses, resources and key dates. You will also find an outline of the topics we are covering each term for every subject.  
E-mail addresses:


Our final writing units in Year 6 will be a narrative and a recount.  We will be using the wonderful short story 'All Summer in a Day' by Ray Bradbury to support our narrative writing and will do a recount on our High Adventure residential as our final writing unit of the year.
Important information - Key dates:

School nurse visit - Fri 7th October

                                    Hitchin Girls' School Science teaching visiting us - 18th Octobe

                                                               Duxford trip  - 16th November

Now that we are approaching the end of the year, we will consolidate all learning from Year 6 and ensure the children are as well prepared as possible for secondary school. We will incorporate investigations into their learning to stretch and challenge their mathematical brains!
Mental Fluency
Mental fluency is the ability to make associations and connections in order to solve a problem/calculation easily and quickly. This will help the children secure known facts/methods and reinforce mathematical connections. The children will be given regular arithmetic tests to monitor their progress. You can support at home by asking your child 'quick fire' questions wherever possible. This could be during the car journey to school, at breakfast, waiting in queue etc. This could include: 
  • What number is 100 times greater than 0.29?
  • Calculate 17% of 670
  • Divide 4600 by 8
  • Write five million, three hundred and eighty thousand in words
  • A square has a perimeter of 52cm. What is its area?
  • Express 2/5 as a percentage and a decimal
  • Subtract 4 from - 17
  • Multiply 1.1 by 11
  • What is the total of 0.19, 0.038 and 1.5?
  • Find 30% of £2.60
The websites listed below may be useful in supporting your learning this year: