Admission arrangements

Mary Exton Primary School applies Hertfordshire County Council's Determined Admission Arrangements.

The school plans various opportunities for prospective parents to visit the school. 

In Reception all children start in September.  A recent change made by the Government, which allows parents and carers the option to defer entry for Summer born children has been put in place.  This is a recent change to procedure and will be discussed during the tours around school.

During the Summer term an Induction meeting is held for parents. Invitations will be sent to those who are allocated a place. During the meeting there is an opportunity to meet key members of staff and arrange home visits.

Information on Nursery Admissions


We would love to show you around our school and show you all of the fantastic things going on in each classroom.  If you would like to book in for a school tour, please complete the form in the link below:

Reception Tours 2023/2024

Frequently asked questions:

When should we apply?

Reception applications are advised by Hertfordshire County Council, normally from November through January. 

Visit the Hertfordshire County Council website school admissions page for more information.


When are places offered?

Children going into Reception will be informed in April 2023. The deadline to accept or decline your offer is 30th April 2023.


How do I apply?

Details of how to apply online will be sent directly to those families living within Hertfordshire. Hertfordshire County Council encourage applications to be made online. If you would like a paper application form please contact Hertfordshire County Council customer service centre. Further details can be obtained from Hertfordshire County Council.


How many children are offered a place?

The annual admissions limit for Mary Exton is thirty children.


What happens if my child is already of school age?

Details of in-year admissions can be found on the Hertfordshire County Council website. Alternatively, paper application forms are available from the school.


Guidance for parents/carers of summer born children

Guidance regarding delaying the starting date of summer born children can be found on