Parent Representatives

Parent Representatives are a vital link and play an important role in supporting the school.  Class Representatives help build a sense of community among the parents, and they provide a valuable link between the parents and the school.  We are very fortunate to have a group of parents, one from each class, who have volunteered their time to meet with the leadership team to discuss the school and the experience of families within our community.

The Purpose:

  • to be a point of contact so that information can be disseninated qucikly and accurately
  • to be a link between the school and families
  • to work together to make this school the very best school

The Role:

  • to meet with Mrs. Clements or Mrs. Paterson regularly (termly as a minimum)
  • to communicate to school regarding parent issues and successes
  • to uphold and promote the school values
  • to ensure that all parents are aware of events in the school to which they are invited
  • to welcome and help with the induction of new parents and aid their understanding of the workings of the school
  • to direct parents to others who may be able to translate letters for them or attend meetings and translate

The Parent Representatives for 2023-2024

Reception: Magdalena Dagga-Van Gogh (William's mum)

Year 1:  

Year 2:  Sabina Kirupairatnam (Eli's mum)

Year 3:  Mandy Sorrin (Ruby's mum)

Year 4:  Laura Waller (Alistair's mum)

Year 5:  Carolyn Bechman (Lexie's mum)

Year 6: