Pupil Premium 

Pupil Premium is a government funding initiative which provides support to schools for specific groups of children who are vulnerable.  The additional funding is to enable these children to reach their full potential both academically and socially.

The fund allocated to a school is based on:

  • the percentage of pupils who are receiving or have received free school meals (FSM); 
  • the number of children in the school who have been adopted;
  • the number of children post looked- after;
  • and the number of service children – these are children with one or more parent in the armed forces.
Frequently asked questions about Pupil Premium Funding:
Pupil Premium documentation

Each year we have to state our intentions for the pupil premium spend and track the impact that this has on our pupil premium children.  Please find below copies of these documents.  If you wish to have a paper copy, please do speak to the office and they will be able to give you one.

Parent documentation

If you think that your child or children may be eligible for pupil premium funding, please do complete the form in this link.  The form to check your eligibility for Pupil Premium Funding takes approximately five minutes to complete and could mean that your child will receive extra funding for the rest of their academic life. This will provide them with valuable resources to improve their progress, attainment and social skills to ensure that they achieve their potential.

We work in partnership when allocating your pupil premium funding.  So, if you are successful in your application, download the Pupil Premium Menucomplete it and return it to school to help guide us to spend the funding in a way that is right for your child.

If you would like help completing any of the required documentation please speak to a member of the school office team in the first instance and we will gladly support you.