Values & ethos

Our values:

At Mary Exton Primary School we hold three core values that underpin all that we do. We expect all pupils, parents, Governors and staff to adhere to these.

Inspirational                      Creative                             Caring

Our core values underpin daily life at Mary Exton. We teach our children to be creative, ensuring that they are able to use their curiosity and imagination to solve problems. We also teach our children to be caring, so that they value the importance of looking after each other, of valuing our differences and respecting our school and the environment. We also teach our children to be inspirational, ensuring that they aim to be the best that they can be, thinking not only of their own goals but how these can benefit those around them and the world in which we live.


We believe it is also important for us to have a clear vision and mission and to share these with everyone within the school community.

Our vision:

To provide a nurturing environment, recognising individuality and empowering children to reach their full potential.

Our mission:

Our inspirational, creative and caring school community aims to develop enthusiastic, independent and aspirational learners. Through meaningful learning experiences, we equip children to ask questions, value differences and overcome barriers.