At Mary Exton, our curriculum leader is Mr. Ritson (Deputy Headteacher). If you have any questions regarding our curriculum, he would be very happy to help.  You will also find on each of the curriculum subject pages the name of the subject leader for Mary Exton Primary School. Should you have any specific subject questions, they would also be happy to discuss them with you.

Every subject within the curriculum at Mary Exton has been designed to be relevant to the needs of the children at our school as well as being progressive within and across year groups.  This includes making sure skills are revisited more than once, each time being built upon to enable each child to progress further.  We use a range of resources to enable the correct progression for our pupils, these include some purchased schemes of work and others that have been designed by our subject leaders in line with National Curriculum requirements.  Our curriculum is regularly reviewed and revisited to ensure that it remains relevant to our pupils as well as directing our planning for Continuous Professional Development of our staff members.

Our Curriculum: a context and summary, gives you more information, and the whole school Curriculum Overview can be found here too.