Current Letters & Forms

This page has been designed so that you can find all the letters that have been sent out  as a paper copy or via our email communication system.

Class letters will remain on the site until the end of each term. Whole school letters and forms will remain on for the term they apply to or for the school year. 

Please be aware that there will be a small delay between school distribution and the placement of the document on the website. 

If you have any difficulties with accessing the copies from this site please contact the school office who will be happy to assist.


General Letters to All 

Operation Encompass - 31/01/2020

New Procedures

General Forms 

Request for Leave of Absence

School Uniform Requirements and Price List

Notification of Medical Appointment 

Permission for Mobile Phone

Children Collection Information 


Instructions for using SchoolComms

ParentLite Instructions

School Grid Instructions

Spelling Shed

Google Classroom Guide Video





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