COVID-19 Guidance and Communication


Please find below the various documents and guidance in relation to Covid-19 for the 2020-2021 academic year


Date Guidance/Communication
w/b 26th October 
w/b 19th October

Remote Learning Plan

Covid Funding Spend Plan

Remote Learning Plan 22/10/2020

w/b 12th October
w/b 5th October
w/b 28th September
w/b 21st September
w/b 14th September
w/b 7th September

Return to School Procedures and Risk Assessment - September 2020

w/b 31st August

Reminder Letter pre September - August 2020

Small Stars Covid Risk Assessment 04/09/2020

Covid Catch Up Funding - Spend Plan September 2020

Spring/Summer 2020

Starting Back at School 30/08/2020

Letter 17/07/2020

Return to School Risk Assessment 17/07/2020

Year 6 Leavers Celebration 24/06/2020

Update Letter from SLT and Chair of Governors 19/06/2020

Newsletter 19/06/2020

Bubble Update 17/06/2020

Maintaining Emotional Wellbeing Guide 12/06/2020

Letter 11/06/2020

GOV Document 05/06/2020

Parent FAQ 22/05/2020

Letter to Parents 20/05/2020

Return To School Risk Assessment 20/05/2020

Google Meet - Joining a meeting 07/05/2020

Letter to Parents 07/05/2020

The Hub Newsletter 07/05/2020

Covid Advice for Parents 24/04/2020

The Hub Newsletter 24/04/2020

E-safety Newsletter 09/04/2020

5 Ways to Wellbeing 03/04/2020

Coronavirus Update Letter to parents 27/03/2020

Information to Parents 27/03/2020

General Info 27/03/2020

Managing the transition to Home Schooling 27/03/2020

Newsletter for Parents - Online Safety 27/03/2020

Healthy Hub Coronavirus Support 09/04/2020 

Coronavirus Update Letter to parents 17/03/2020

Child Friendly Explanation on Coronavirus 16/03/2020

HCC Covid 19 Update to parents 16/03/2020

Coronavirus letter 13/03/20

Coronavirus Poster 10/02/2020