Inclusion at Mary Exton

Our Inclusion Team

Mary Exton's SENCo and Inclusion Manager is Mrs Christine Stewart.

Our class teachers are always willing to hear your concerns, queries or ideas regarding SEND.

If you require further assistance, then contact Mrs Stewart at or via the school office to make an appointment. 

Our Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) lead for the school is Mrs Vincent-Lake who has a wealth of experience with Autism both within a school setting and from a parent's first hand experience. 


English as an Additional Language (EAL)

We celebrate culture and language within Mary Exton Primary School and are very proud to have such diversity within our school.

Please do share with us if your child can speak an additional language as it will help us to get to know your child and also provide additional support, should they require this. 

We have set up additional reading comprehension support for our EAL learners based on school data analysis. This support allows EAL learners to have time to discuss the text as well as understand any unknown vocabulary. To support your child at home in the same way, use some of the following questions as part of daily reading support - Reading Comprehension sheet.

Key Information

Accessibility Plan: See our Accessibility Plan that helps us to promote a fair and equal access to learning for all children, regardless of any disability.

SEND Strategy: See our Statutory Information page for our SEND strategy.

SEND Reform: For information about the four main changes, click here to read this leaflet.

Autism Approach:  See the Autism Approach 2016-2017 which offers an insight on how schools will develop Autism approaches within their school. Also read the new Autism Plan 2016, which has been formed by the school's SENDco and ASD Leader in relation to the Autism Approach and in line with the audit tool for the AET Autism National Standards

Autism Report Summary - Hertfordshire have conducted a review in June 2015, regarding support for children and young people on the Autism spectrum. To read this report, click on this link.

 Local Authority Update: Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) have carried out a SEND inspection of our local area in Summer 2016. The inspection evaluates the effectiveness of SEND provision within Hertfordshire schools. Please click on the following link for the outcomes of this inspection - Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission Report

Local Authority SEND Strategy: Hertfordshire have launched a new SEND strategy 2015 - 2018 to ensure that all pupils receive the best support. Click on the link for further information - Hertfordshire SEND Strategy 2015 - 2018.

Hertfordshire's Local Offer: For  information regarding support and services for children with Special Educational Needs or Disability, read the following leaflet - Herts Local Offer Leaflet. For further information access the new Hertfordshire Local Offer website via this link - Herts Local Offer Website.

 SEND Policy

Our SEND Policy can be found on our Statutory Information Page.

Our policy was been reviewed in March 2017 with helpful input from parents of SEND pupils and the SEND Governor.We have collectively created this document to ensure it best reflects our school SEND practice and is clear for parents to understand.   

Outside agencies who may work with your child

  • Speech and Language therapist
  • Educational Psychologist
  • Advisory Teachers
  • Hearing Impairment specialists
  • Visual Impairment specialists
  • Communication Disorder team
  • Moderate Learning Difficulty outreach
  • Occupational Health therapist
  • School Nurse
  • Hitchin Primary Behaviour Support Service