Mary Exton's Governing Body is the school’s accountable body. It is responsible for the conduct of the school and for promoting high standards. The governing body aims to ensure that children are attending a successful school which provides them with a good education and supports their well-being.

The governors adhere to the NGA Code of Practice which has been signed by all members.

Mary Exton's Governing Body is made up of parent, staff, community, authority and associate Governors to ensure that there is a sufficient diversity of views and experience but once elected they do not represent a particular group e.g. (parent governors do not represent the parents).

Working in partnership with the head and other staff, governors are involved in:

  • setting targets for pupil achievement
  • managing the school's finances
  • making sure the curriculum is balanced and broadly based
  • appointing staff
  • reviewing staff performance and pay

The governors meet twice a term as a Full Governing Body and also attend an additional sub committee meeting i.e. resources or school Improvement.


Contacting the GB

If you wish to make contact with the GB then please do so via the Chair of Governors  by contacting the school. This can be via email to , letter or phonecall. The school will ensure messages are passed on and the Chair of Governors will respond to you within 5 working days


Finance, Pupil Premium and Sports Premium

The school reports a summary of last years financesports premium and pupil premium 2014 -2015.

Who's Who?

CHAIR OF GOVERNORS: selected by election from the governing body Mrs K Gordon

Mr L Graham

Mrs S Hughes

STAFF GOVERNORS: selected by election

from teaching and support staff paid to

work at the school

Miss A Morris




PARENT GOVERNORS: selected by election

(or appointment if insufficient people stand for election)

and drawn from parents and carers of children at the school

Mrs K Gordon 

Mrs K Alfred

Mrs A Badaru

CO-OPTED GOVERNORS: appointed by the governing body to represent community interests

Mrs J Morgan

Mr L Graham

Mrs S Hughes


AUTHORITY GOVERNORS: appointed by the local authority Mr B Lovewell
ASSOCIATE GOVERNOR appointed by the governing body but holds no voting rights Mr J Holman
Individual governors have no power or right to act on behalf of the governing body except where the whole governing body has delegated a specific function to that individual or where regulations specify a function is to be exercised in a particular way. (DFE 2012) 


Business and Financial Interests

Name Of Governor Business Interests Declared
Mrs K Gordon Herts for Learning
Mr L Graham Herts for Learning (Finance Advisor)
Mrs S Hughes Arts Council
Mrs N Cornthwaite None
Mr B Lovewell None
Mrs J Morgan None
Mrs K Alfred pending
Mr J Holman None
Mrs Lisa Hayes pending